Spice Up Your Mobile Phone With a Samsung galaxy M01


Buy the Samsung Galaxy M01, that not only has attractive looks to it but is also endowed with other impressive features. The mobile phone has been launched in India on September 2, 2020( Official) at a launching price of Rs 9,99. This Samsung mobile phone is ultra powerful to the core owing to its octa core (two giga qubit), quad core (two giga pixel) and high definition memory (8 GB, giving an extra edge to the user). With this power, the user can enjoy a smooth and flawless performance all the time, samsung galaxy m01

Another impressive feature of the Samsung galaxy M01 is its futuristic look which makes the device stand out. At first glance, the Samsung galaxy M series looks similar to other phones of the same series, but when you touch the device, you will feel that a new dimension has been added to it. The design of this mobile phone bears resemblance to the HTC Evo Shift and iPhone 4 and its design comes with a unique front fingerprint sensor, located just beneath the home button. This allows the user to quickly and conveniently log into the Samsung galaxy S smartphone. It also comes with the usual connectivity features of:

The look of the Samsung galaxy M01 smartphone is complemented by the vivid colors it comes with along with its advanced power saving capability. To add on to it, the Samsung galaxy M series features a sophisticated aspect ratio in its portrait mode, which means that it has a ratio of 15:9, which is way more thinner than most mobiles coming out of Samsung. When it comes to portrait mode, the Samsung galaxy M series gives you the option of changing the aspect ratio of the Samsung galaxy S by sliding your finger across the screen. Apart from this, the device comes with an eye-catching color combination, using vibrant colors such as blue, red, green and orange. The indigo color is exclusive to this model of Samsung, which means that it has some unique features not seen in any other model.

With a 5.2 inch screen size, the Samsung galaxy m01 has a large screen to allow you to view all your emails, text messages and social networking sites comfortably. Another unique aspect of the handset is its excellent clarity across the screen, with very little distortion at the edges of the screen. It also offers you with a clearer viewing experience through its razor sharp widescreen mode.

For those who use their smartphones for watching movies, videos, playing games and listening to music, the Samsung galaxy m11 has many handy features to help you do all these things. The touch screen is so responsive that even if you press lightly on the home button, the user experience is comfortable and fast. On the other hand, the large size of the Samsung smartphone makes it perfect for people to browse the internet easily without having to strain their eyes from looking at tiny buttons.

The Samsung galaxy m01 offers two different connectivity options – GSM and CDMA. The former offers international calling facilities with some of the biggest call centers in the world, while the latter operates like a global cell phone network with hundreds of thousands of subscribers in India. With its global connectivity options, the global reach of the Samsung smartphone in India is unprecedented, as many people use it to make calls to their loved ones back home. If you are planning to buy a Samsung smartphone in India, make sure you take a look at its india plans and download Samsung apps to make your stay even better.

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