Highlight Of Realme GT Master Edition


Realme GT is arguably one of the best handsets available on the market. The Realme brand was founded in 2008 by a pair of successful mobile phone professionals, Andy Yen and Jason Tsai. They designed and developed the first ever QWERTY virtual keyboard for mobiles and introduced it to the world. Then, they worked with the latest mobile operating system, Windows CE and developed the Realtalk software, which allows text and voice communication over the Internet. Realme was then hired by Nokia to develop its QWERTY phone line and released the QWERTY Glide and QWERTY Slide. These phones provided real-time communication support to a large number of users and soon they were popular amongst the corporate set as well as individuals who wanted an advanced way to type. realme gt master edition

Today, the Realme GT is still sold as part of the Nokia E71 series and comes in a sleek silver and black designs. The Realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a dual-band GSM modem, allowing it to support both CDMA and GSM services in the United Kingdom and many other European countries. With a USB cable, users can connect their device to a PC or laptop to make contact via Bluetooth or MMS. Onboard memory slots and expandable storage allow the user to store more information and more applications.

Like many mid-range smartphones in the low-cost segment, the Realme GT features a fully integrated hardware keyboard. However, the keyboard provides no real typing support and lacks the sensitivity of some of the more expensive smartphones in the same price segment. The lack of touch sensitive keys means that the keys are often missed and users have to press the home button multiple times to register a touch. An easy to remove soft keypad also means that accidental hits do not have to be counted as a hit, which can result in a misreading of a text.

Aesthetically, the Realme GT is a streamlined device with a flat, rectangular appearance. Its glossy black and smooth, curved edges provide a refined, simple look. The phone’s two large buttons, located on the right edge of the screen, are easy to press and work perfectly. The text on the screen is large enough to be read comfortably even from a long distance. However, the larger display size does have the unfortunate tendency to make text difficult to read when projected.

Like many modern smartphones, the Realme GT master edition comes with a built-in GPS chip. The Realme GPS functions with a single tap on the dedicated Android button, making it simple to find your way around town. The phone also offers users the option to set up an internet radio with the push of a dedicated app menu button. For those who want to listen to music on the go, the phone also offers support for any popular mp3 or WMA download software, including Sonos and iTunes.

Users will find that the real gt master edition phones offer all the features they expect from smartphones. It includes the standard hardware keys for menu and back, a large display for easy reading, a powerful yet compact processor, excellent wifi functionality, and easy access to Google Maps. Although the device has only been released in Japan for some months, its availability in the States and Europe has already raised a few eyebrows. Many hope that this latest smartphone from Sony will help open the door to a new class of smartphones that offer users a high quality mobile experience.

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