How To Keep Your Mattress In Good Shape Longer

Keeping your mattress clean and dry is crucial to preventing dust mite infestation. Dust mites love dark, humid places. The moisture they create can cause damage to your mattress and its materials. For this reason, changing your bedding at least once a year is best. Following these simple steps will help protect your mattress and keep it looking good longer. See this link to buy reliable beds online.


Rotating your mattress is a good way to increase its life of it. Changing its surface will help prevent back pain and other sleep disturbances. It would help if you flipped the mattress on its side every three to six months, and it will be in good shape for a longer period. Call a helper to assist you if you’re not confident enough to do this independently. Remember to rotate your mattress gently and slowly to avoid rips and tears. For this reason, plan your rotations for the entire year and map them out on a calendar.


Flipping your mattress regularly is an easy way to prolong its life and improve your sleep. The process can also help your mattress to reduce dust mites and mold, which can be an issue in humid climates. To flip a mattress, vacuum the top and bottom layers thoroughly. You can also ask a partner to help you flip it.

Flipping your mattress also evens out the weight distribution on the mattress. This prevents indentations on one side of the mattress that may cause problems when you flip it. In addition, a flipped mattress can help your mattress last longer by preventing deep sags.

Washing bed linens:

One way to extend the life of your mattress is to wash the bed linens regularly. Over time, your sheets will gather grime, body oils, and skin cells. These particles put extra stress on the fibers. They may also attract microscopic mites.

Avoiding dust mites:

Dusting your mattress regularly before bed will reduce the chance of mites living in your mattress. You can also clean the bed during the daytime by using a vacuum cleaner. The cleaner will eliminate dust mites as it passes through the fabric. Another good tip to keep dust mites at bay is to dustproof your mattress.

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