Does Your Cat Have a Favorite Toy?

Have you ever noticed your cat playing with a toy and suddenly the toy is missing and you’re getting “the look”? While playing with the toy, it somehow ended up under the stove or refrigerator and while kitty tried his or her best they just can’t seem to get it. They have stretched their body and scrunched themselves up trying to slither under the appliance but just can’t quite reach that toy.

Cats have preferences on food, beds, scratching surfaces, cat litter and even toys. If you observe your cat when selecting a cat toy from their toy box, he or she will move the toys around until they find a certain toy. Follow this toy selection enough times and you’re going to notice that your kitty does have a favorite toy and will attempt to take that favorite cat toy out of the toy box first to play with. Only when that favorite item becomes misplaced or lost will he or she select a different toy. Scratch and Purr

To say that cats are finicky is an understatement. We’ve talked with many folks about their felines’ preferences, especially as it relates to toys. Most all of them will state that their cat has a favorite toy and will not play with anything else. We strongly advise pet parents to stock up on those favorite items. For unknown reasons, well known pet toy manufacturers can decide to discontinue a toy at any time. Sometimes discontinued items are best sellers and there’s bitter disappointment with being unable to find availability, it is not uncommon for pet parents to look high and low for their cats’ favorite toy. There is nothing worse than being unable to fulfill your kitty’s want for their preferred play thing.

Folks often tell us they have tried numerous other toys and their cat simply refuses to play with anything aside from their favorite toy. Again, we would strongly urge pet parents with pets (cats and dogs) to stock up on those favorite toys. Sure, nothing lasts forever but having a good supply will keep your pet happy for a long time. Consider keeping a six month supply on hand and every time you take a toy out of your stock, replace it with two to be assured that your fur baby will be happy for several months before you have to tell him or her that their special toy is no more! Each time you replenish your stock, ask your supplier about their current inventory and future availability of the item. Should the dreadful words of ‘discontinued item’ be uttered, your last chance of securing the “favorite” for your feline friend is upon you. Your final chance to put away these cat toys is at that moment, don’t hesitate, it’s now or never… and you’ll be glad you did.



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