Biometric Locks – 15 Facts You Must Know

Biometric locks and fingerprint security is designed to make our lives more convenient since there’s no need to remember to take keys or remember passwords.

But what should you know about fingerprint readers before you decide whether to use them?

Security has become a multi-million dollar industry because everybody needs to use the services.

Multinational businesses and individual households will all employ the services of the security industry.

The main reasons many people don’t consider using security devices like biometric fingerprint locks and biometric security locks is because they are expensive and also perceived as not reliable.

These concerns all need to be addressed so here are the answers in this blog.

1. Aren’t biometric locks difficult to fit?

Modern biometric fingerprint locks are actually very easy to install. They come in kit form containing everything that you need to use to fit the fingerprint reader. Installing these biometric security locks is about as difficult as attaching a conventional lock.

The only real difference is that a small control panel for the fingerprints will be mounted on the door or just at the side of it. door lock company wholesale door lock lock manufacturing

2. What can cause a false reading with biometric locks?

A false reading is when a fingerprint reader incorrectly identifies someone as being someone else. This is very rare with high quality equipment.

The way all fingerprint scanners work on biometric fingerprint door locks is by comparing the fingerprints and matching a number of different points.

The more points which match, the more likely the people are the same.

It is possible to reduce this threshold level to make the machine much less sensitive. If this is the case then this can quite easily result in a false reading.

3. How accurate are biometric locks?

Fingerprints are unique and so these fingerprint readers on biometric safe locks and biometric fingerprint locks are very accurate. The accuracy of each model will differ however the possibility of one misrecognising someone is extremely rare.



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